Shadow Dancer - Forgetting the Beginning

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Shadow Dancer - Forgetting the Beginning Empty Shadow Dancer - Forgetting the Beginning

Post by Kiki on Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:26 pm

Raven didn't remember much about her past. In fact, the only thing she could recall was the feeling of the utmost unhappiness. It was possibly, all she cared to recall.

What happened that night, the evening she ran away from it all, had been pushed to the very crevices of her mind. And what was there, was only bits and pieces of what truly happened that night with the "good" doctor.

She recalled a greedy man who's thirst for power drove him away from his original dream of becoming a great and caring mental physician. An instance of terror followed, a moment of pure anxiety that would make any normal beings heart stop mid beat.

The former Deililah Regenes, then, in that instance of fear, made her first killing and Raven Tristintine was born, unbenknown, at that very moment.

She remembered running, flying, leaping...Whatever it would take to escape the "Thing", to escape "Them" to evade "It".

But whatever hunted her...Whom ever hunted her, had given up.

The newspapers ceased publishing the girls photo. The broadcasts had stopped being heard of the radio, the desperate voices of her guardians silenced. The Regenes hope for their legacy, their empire of power and corruption would stop dead in its tracks with the final pairing of husband and wife.

The even stopped. But Raven didn't notice. In fact, she didn't care. Because she didn't know. And she didn't want too.

No one exactly knows why the Regen family halted their search. They were so desperate to find their "precious, little girl". The million dollar reward for her recovery wasn't even enough to bring her out of hidding to her cage, her home. Either they had given up, or they too didn't care. Afterall, like everything else, there were bigger fish to fry. And though it killed the family, adoption was an option. The thought of taking in a stray, abandoned with no noble blood disgusted the entire clan of power hungry gremlins, but what else could be done? The husband was neutered, and the wife infertile. Delilah...Raven, had been their salvation. And now, that ship had sailed into an unknown sea and the Regenes had no other choice.

The young Seer, at age twenty one, had just placed down her newspaper, the cover held a woman holding a young boy; a tall, handsome man stood beside them, a false look of pride upon his face. "Signed: Young Alexander Adopted By World Wealthiest Empire".

A normal person would probably recall the life changing events suddenly at that moment, and cry. Abandoned and forgotten! They would cry. But not Raven. She was very far from normal. In fact, wasn't even considered human, let alone normal. The form of a young and handome woman she indeed possessed, but within her, lay the soul of a thousand fires, a thousand shadows that had lived on for centuaries.

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Shadow Dancer - Forgetting the Beginning Empty Re: Shadow Dancer - Forgetting the Beginning

Post by Kyle on Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:49 pm

Pretty cool stuff. Hoping to see more of it soon.

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