Crossing Paths (Gore Warning)

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Crossing Paths (Gore Warning) Empty Crossing Paths (Gore Warning)

Post by Kiki on Sun Nov 09, 2008 8:41 pm

“The Shifter paused and his glowing eyes disappeared for a second. “Yes,” he said as the crimson slashes reappeared, “Shadow’s plan is done anyway, he won’t need me as a diversion. Though I do wish I could have killed them all, he said he would make it up to me later.” He grabbed her by the waist and with one massive beat of his wings they launched out over the city.
Kathryn pressed her head to his chest, after so many years she could finally be with her monster!” – Kyle Bentely
Elsey watched from the sidelines as the massive and terrible creature flew away with her mother. The horror and fear upon her face was obvious.
“Mama...?” Plauges stuttered words were all she could think of saying. What was there to comment on? Her beloved adopted mother, Kathryn, whom was by her side for over a hundred years, had suddenly vanished at the hands of the terrifying black dragon. And, like she was so very long ago, she was alone. Very, very alone; in an unforgiving world where all monsters, both big, and small, were hated. And she was no exception.
The sounds of sirens still filled the air. She wanted to run but remained paralyzed, still shocked. Only her quivering lip moved and the occasional sudden twitch of her eye.
The sounds, oh the sounds...The voices, the was too much for the little creature to handle. But what could she do? If she screamed she’d cause a riot, if she ran she’d be seen. All she could do was stand there.
“Hey, you! Kid!” A stray police officer came running toward her, unaware of the events that would follow. “You’re not supposed to be here!” He stopped and huffed, obviously tired from his short sprint. Plauge did nothing but stare, feeling herself drift even closer to the brink of losing herself like she usually did in anxious situations. But like Katheryn had taught her, she restrained herself for as long as her little mind could. It took all her strength, but her desire to cause no harm was great. It was truly a mind over matter game, but time was running out.
The policeman, having caught his breath, quickly approached the girl.
“Hey, what’s the matter with you?” he pointed to the caution tape that surround the battle field, “Can’t you read? You’re not supposed to be here!”
“You deaf or something? Get out of here.”
“That’s it you little son of a bitch. I’ve had enough to deal with today. Five people got their heads ripped off right in front of my freaking eyes, and I don’t need to deal with any smart ass silent types. You’re coming with me.”
He grabbed her arm.
The moment his fingers touched her, a slit in the middle of her forehead opened, revealing a glowing red eye. Her fingers were no longer human hands, but metallic metal claws and horns sprouted from her head. Fangs errupted from her upper jaw and a low hiss came from her lightly opened maw.
“Mother of-“
“GET AWAY FROM MEEEEEEE!!!” The screech that erupted from Plagues’ lips was almost impossible. The pitch was ridiculous, so much so that the ears of the man to her side began to bleed as he crunched down, himself yelling in pain. She punched him off, her talons cutting thorough him like a hot knife through butter. In a fit of confusion, she lay waste to him, scratching him again and again until there was not a breath of life left within the lungs that soon were too ripped from the mans chest. He lay there, ridged like her many lifeless dolls, in a pool of his own blood, his eyes open in shock.
“Oh no...Oh no oh no oh no....” She began to panic again. What had she done? She was taught not to use her powers. She was taught to master her fear. She started a mental checklist in her head. Had she taken her pills? Yes she did. A double dosage, actually, as she wasn’t too keen on the idea of planes.
“Dont’ worry dear,” she remembered Kathryn saying, giving her a pat on the head and a kiss on the cheek. “It will all be over with soon. And think of an adventure it will be, flying over an ocean.”
They had hurried down the terminal doors, Elsey clutching her only belonging she would be taking with her on the long journey, a stuffed pink rabbit. She held tightly onto Kathryns hand, cutting off the blood circulation as they trotted down the long hallways to their destination. They were surrounded by people, which of course put Plauge in a very bad set of mind, but she was also in a very unfamiliar place, which led to her to an even higher level of anxiety.
“Why are we going anyways, mama?” asked the timid little girl. “Why can’t we just stay in London? Why do we have to be with all these humans, mama?”
“We’re going to see a friend, darling. A very old friend that I haven’t seen in a long time.”
The rest was blank. She blocked out the plane ride, as the thought of the flying compact space still freaked her out beyond anything imaginable.
It had all seemed so long ago... But here she was, in a foreign land, by herself, with a corpse whom she had slain with her own two hands.
“Oh nooooo...” she began to pace, biting her claws and making her lips bleed. The taste of blood soothed her, being part vampire, and she began to formulate a little plan. She, Elsey Brown, would go out and rescue her mother from the big black monster. She would be like the knight in the stories she read every night. She would go and rescue her queen from the clutches of the black beast, and they would go back to living like they had before. It wasn’t idle, hiding her form all the time, but she had her mother and her toys and was happy. And that was all she wanted.
She looked down at the officer, and saw his walkie talkie. It was crackling and there was a voice on the other end, desperately trying to contact the recently deceased.
Hearing the voice come from the box again, frightened her, and so she left. As she walked, her claws shrunk away to normal looking hands, and her teeth and eye and horns faded as well. She looked to the sky to see if there was any sight of the black thing. Nothing, unfortunately, but that did not stop the girl. With a deep breath, she marched down the darkening alley, unaware that further horrors awaited her...

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Crossing Paths (Gore Warning) Empty Re: Crossing Paths (Gore Warning)

Post by Kyle on Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:33 pm

I like it, very descriptive. I think it captures the confusion and fear, as well as the loneliness really well.

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