Nether Realms: Rise of Kateran, Faceless Lord

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Nether Realms: Rise of Kateran, Faceless Lord Empty Nether Realms: Rise of Kateran, Faceless Lord

Post by Kiki on Sat Dec 13, 2008 2:14 pm

(Note: This was written June first of 2007, so I did not rip anyone off in apperance, name or attitude...especially the roaring and the black claws. Seriously.)

The underground dungeon was in complete darkness. No torches lit the halls for those few that passed by. The sun of course, was forbiden since it's walls now held a special guest. The Faceless lord appeared suddenly from the shadows in the dank, musty places. A soft breeze moved with him as he steped from the wall rattling the chains that held fast to the cold, stone walls.

The white skined creature in his palm struggled and pulled, a soft growl and hiss escaping it's lips in protest.

"Come now pet..... You are fighting against your obvious fate....."

He let her go and vanished into the surrounding bleakness whispering. The creature shivered and held it's ground, it's head twisting this way and that, trying to find the face of it's captor.

"Kateran, you yourself!" Healius was petrified. She could not see her enemy, for he now was part of the shadows. A soft, villianus chuckle emerged from the supposidly lifeless walls.

"But I am.....Like you said before, I truly have no face....I have no identity....Like the shadows....I am simply all about you...."

"Stop it! You've done this before and it got you no where!"

"But the last were trapped in a shell..." A black hand appeared suddenly around her neck. "And this time, my little bird, you've flown from your mortal prison, and the cat has seized his chance....." A scream escaped from her as she swiveled about, blasting the walls with the blue fire that now surrounded her hands.

"You speak lies! You still cannot have me!"

"Ah, but the last time.....the last time you were indeed trapped inside the mortal body.....The soul which I craved, she was locked away inside....But now, you have now shell to hide yourself..... You are the soul in it's weakest form....and you shall be mine to control...."

"No!" She fired again with a screech....but when the smoke cleared, all was quiet, no blood had been spilt.

"Why so defensive? You've lost some of your manner now that you have authority...."

"You will never take me alive! Never!" She fired again, swiviling about even more spontaniously as her fear grew.

"But you have no choice...." The hands emerged and grabbed her arms pinning her against the wall. She screamed at the impact as the black eyes stared her down.

"At last....the Realms shall be mine to command....So sad you shall perish in the process....You would have made a wonderous queen...."

"Even if I were to live, I would never take your hand....." She spat at him in her disgust.

"My my.....You were never so....protective....and spunky.....What has changed you so.....A thought? An experiense? Only that could awaken such a change in a being..." His hand drifted her her forehead and pressed down hard, making Healius wince. Kateran saw into her thoughts but gasped when he found the mind of another.

"How can this be?!" He threw her back. "How can you possess two minds?!? Unless...." He roared with fury. "Fantasmika was indeed too smart to give you the form of a woman! You fiendish little- Who did you charm?! Who is the father?! No man would want you in this current state unless you controled him!!" She sat up her eyes sullen and unblinking.

"I speak no name...and you shall never recieve one." The black claws came down quickly as Healius went flying, smashing into another stone covered wall.

"You horrid little wench! When did you learn to love?! You were never supposed to!!! Blast....I cannot absorb your powers with another blocking it.... Either I shall find a way to kill it now or I shall wait until it is born." A scream of rage escaped from the shadowy corner as a pair of firey hands grabbed the throat of the Faceless Lord.

"I will NEVER let you take the life of my child!! NEVER. You dare even THINK of acting in such away, and I shall slowly rip the life away from you You will have nothing to pass on to the after will be the nothing you are now."

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