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Post by Kiki on Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:49 am

I really like Kayla and Giselle. Their each other's foils 100% (one open, friendly and passive, the other closed off, cold and aggresive), but at the same time, they're really quite similar (smart and enjoy poking fun at Slayer. EVERYONE LOVES SLAYER...). Kyle mentioned to me that Raven may have saved Kayla from something, and I just totally grew with the idea; basically, I see Shadow Dancer as Kayla's babysitter, constantly with her, entertainting her, and making sure she was safe at all times. She is also her guardian, and her duty is to protect her at all costs, along with the founding and leadership of the S.S.S.(Shadow Stealth Squad; a team of highly trained stealth assasins), and a general fighter for Rayon. Also, note that Peixe means Fish in Portugese (Eu falla portuegese, sin!). I thought it was a cute pet name and it just worked.

It should also be noted that it is mainly dialouge with just a few discriptions. I hope you like it!

“You know, you don’t have to keep coming down here. You’re not a little kid anymore, Peixe. I’ve done my babysitting duty.”

“I want to come visit you. We have fun!”

“Yeah, if you call sitting around all day watching Tim Burton films “fun”. More like melancholic optimism.”

“But...that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Neither do your genetics, but you don’t see me making any comments.”

The elder girl rose from her black seat to the screeching kettle. She poured it’s boiling contents into a readied mug, which performed its duty admirably. No water spilt, or leaked from the black ceramic.

“You want anything, Kay?”

“Um...do you have tea?”

“I think I’ve got some Earl Grey back in the cupboard. Just give me a second.” The elder opened the door that revealed several small canisters, each containing odd powders and ingredient. The grey hand of the elder eventually retrieved from the back a box of tea leaves with a scribbled EG traced into the glass side.

“You found it!”

“Mmmhmm. Thanks, Captain Obvious. You saved the day again.”

“You’re just grouchy because A.D.A.M. had problems loading Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“You see? This is why it amazes me that you still come down to this hell hole and spend time with a crotchety old woman like me.”

“But I don’t think you’re crotchety.”


“I think it’s a ruse. I think you just act like that so that people leave you alone. I think...I think you’re actually sweet. Once you get past...well, everything.”

“Kayla, I know you’re right, but I choose to deny that fact and simply believe that you hang around me because you’ve got nothing better to do.”

“That’s not true! I’ve got tones of stuff I could be doing.”


“I could...um... Help clean dad’s machines!”

“Nope. You’re still banned from his lab ever since the “incident”.”

“How’d you know about that?!”

“I have my ways.”

“You’re just making excuses!”

“Perhaps. And what if I am?”

“I think that you’re silly and I don’t care if you’re grouchy and a rock and that you keep changing the subject.”

“And I think you’re too nice. Also, you’re tea’s steeped. Plain, right?”

“Um...if you’ve got any-”

“Sweetner; I’ll get some.” The elder rose from the black couch once again and returned to the cupboard of strange condiments. Nearer to the front was another canister with sugar.

“D, I was actually wondering...What do you have in there?” Kayla’s finger pointed to the cupboard from which Giselle returned from.

“There? Everything.”

“I don’t want to know, do I?”

“Let us simply say that I literally have skeleton’s in my closet.”

“Eew! And this is where the sugar and tea came from?!”

“Relax, Peixe. It’s all sealed off. Trust me, if there was a leak or any sort of contamination problem, you’d smell it a mile away.”


“Hey, mine is a nasty business. Or, at least was until your dad put me on “Stress leave”... we all know THAT’S a load of crap.”

Kayla lowered her cup as Giselle glared menacingly into space, no doubt cursing in her mind.

“He’s just... really worried about you, you know? You are getting pretty sick...”

“As in I’m not as much use as I used to be. Doesn’t want me ruining any of his plans.”

“He is honestly worried about you, though! He doesn’t want you to hurt yourself. He knows how hard you work; you over do it!”

“There is no such thing as over doing it in terms of one’s work. It is just performing over and above the expectations of others; it is beyond success, which is further success.”

“Well, I’m glad he put you off duty for now. You get to spend more time with me.”

“...you really don’t care about my faults, do you?”


“Hmm. I guess you are more like your mother then.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Ohohohoho...because you’re dad DESPISES some of my...quirks, let us say.”


“Back in the day, I used to be quick a handful. More so than now; I had way more energy, more ambitions; more spirit. I refused to follow the mainstream. He’d give us a job; all I saw was a goal. How I got to that goal, I didn’t care. However, Ray did. Oh, he’d FREAK sometimes! There was this one incident; you’ll love this. I actually set a whole building on fire.”

“That’s horrible!”

“Isn’t it? The task was to get those inside out. There was some suspicious acitivity that we thought might lead us to Kerosene, and despite his “holy” power, he still would need air. So, I thought, the best way to get them out was to get rid of the air. I lit a match, threw it down and voila. Turns out there were a few of his followers in there, plotting some sort of “holy revolution”. They were more extremist that Kerosne, dare I say. They believed that all non Christians were sinners. Blowing up mosques, temples; real nut jobs. I may have done it in a non-convential way, but those suckers got nabbed by the cops. I got hell when I got back to the island, sure. But I was used to it by then! Man, those were good times.”

“But...you set a building! On fire! People could have been hurt!”

“But they weren’t. That’s’ the important thing.”

“Argh-Oh jeez, you’re bleeding again.” Kayla ran over to Giselle as black ooze began to pour from her nose. “Do you want me to call the med bay? Are you ok?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. Just...a minor leakage. Nothing to be worried about.” Giselle waved her hands, urging Kayla to sit back down on her side of the couch and wiped the tar like blood from her face.

“I wish you’d consider moving to the upper levels. You’d have medicare much closer to you than if you stay down here...And besides! The things that are kept down here....Why would you want to stay here?”

“Eh. It gives me something to do. The least thing I am able to do in terms of duty is to make sure no cretin down here gets lose. And besides; I’d rather be a prisoner in my own domain.”

“But there are no prisoners up there... They’re just normal people.”

“Are you kidding me? Everyone here is a prisoner. No one here can go home because there is no home to go TO. It’s been destroyed. Humans...they’re not meant to be kept up like this. They need natural sunlight from their sun, they need plants from their earth.”

“There’s so much space, though!”

“It doesn’t matter the size, so long as there are bars.”

“...I guess, I guess I don’t understand.”

“You wouldn’t, Peixe. You’ve lived here all your life; most people by now have as well, but it is still unnatural for them here, and they know it. Deep down, somewhere instinct is telling them that this is wrong. You, on the other hand, are not from Earth entirely. Maybe one day you’ll understand once you find a place to truly call your home.”

“Do you...really think that dad is going to beat them?”

“Not without me, he’s not.”

“Then you had better get well soon, then!”

“I’m trying, sushi breath! I’m drinking all the boiling water my bladder can handle!”

“Does it actually work?”

“It does; to a point. What I really need...well, is something that I can’t ever be given, unfortunately. There is something that you can do NOW, though.”

“What is it? Just name it. Do you want me to massage your back? Get the blood flowing a bit better?”

“You can tell A.D.A.M that if he doesn’t get this darn movie on, I’ll personally tear his circuitry apart.”

Kayla laughed as Giselle threw her finished water at the screen with a curse, ordering the artificial being about. She may be old, she may be weak and sick, she may have slowly started to dim; but the Dancer of Shadow’s still had a spark of life left in her and she wasn’t going to let it go out without a fight.

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Tea and Water Empty Re: Tea and Water

Post by Kyle on Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:39 am

I like it, very good character interaction.

Adding a little bit more description would be good, but I need to work on that too, so we can work on it together.

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Tea and Water Empty Re: Tea and Water

Post by Kiki on Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:46 pm

Nice. I just really wanted it to be a dialogue, hence little discription. Generally, I find I put too MUCH description into my writting, so I'm experimenting with the other end of the spectrum.

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Tea and Water Empty Re: Tea and Water

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