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Games are not for Ladies Empty Games are not for Ladies

Post by Kiki on Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:27 pm

I'll add description in later on; I'm tired and I wanted to get down the dialogue as I had it in my head already. Hope you like. The setting is 1918, New York.

“Why won’t you play with me?”

“Because, young Miss. I have to attend to your father.”

“But he’s having an audience! And all you’re doing is standing at the door while he goes on about some stupid blasting machine or something... Why can’t you just toss the ball with me?”

“Miss Giselle, I cannot leave my post. He may require a beverage, or refreshments for his guests.”

“ just hate me, don’t you...just like everybody else...”

“Madame, I beg your pardon!”

“Well, it’s TRUE! No one will play with me; ever! All because father tells them “It’s a bad INFLUENCE.” It’s not a bad influence to have fun! He just wants to make me miserable...He hates me the MOST...”

“Miss Giselle, your behaviour is most unlady like and what you are saying is a falsehood!”

“No it’s NOT! He HATES me, Rolan! He hates me because I’m a girl, not some stupid boy... I can’t handle a weapon industry...I’m just...a stupid girl who can’t do anything. That’s why he hates me...That’s why he won’t let anyone play with me...”

“Miss, he was disappointed at your gender, but he is your father! He loves you.”

“That’s a lie, and you know it. If you love someone, you don’t call them names, or boss them around, or hit them...They don’t force you to do things that you hate. I can’t cook, Rolan! I just can’t do it! I’ve tried so hard, but every time I do something in the kitchen, I make a mess! And father gets so mad...I just can’t do anything right! All these “lady like” things he wants me to do...It’s so I can be the best lowlfife I can be; the best GIRL...and I can’t even do that...”


“It’s ok, Rolan. I don’t blame’re just following orders....”

“....miss Giselle...”


“Perhaps, if you keep it on the low...we could pass your ball around...”


“But JUST for a moment! I cannot be distracted for too long, or your father will be furious.”

“I promise; only for a little.”

One moment blossomed into two, and two to four, and onwards.

“Oh no, the dragon has come to get me. You must help me, Knight Giselle!”

“I’ll save you! Rawr! Take that, you brute! Leave him alone!”

“Oh, good job, miss! You sure showed him who’s boss.”

“Of course I did! I am a knight; it’s my job!”

“Ah, but of course!”

“...what on EARTH are you doing, Rolan?!”

“Master Tristintine! I thought you’d still be in your meeting at this time.”

“Yes, well, you thought wrong. Clean up this mess. And bring me and my...daughter... a pot of tea, will you?”

“Yes, yes, sir. Of course.”

“Don’t stammer, you old fool! Do as I say!”

“Leave him alone!”

“I beg your pardon, you little brat...”

“He didn’t do anything wrong! I was the one who wanted to play, not him! I broke my promised and didn’t keep track of time. stop picking on him! Stop it right now!”

“Ohohoho... getting a little brash, are we? Not in my household...” The tall, overbearing figure of the houses master loomed over the little girl, who cowered to the floor.

“No, father, please don’t hit me! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! I swear!”

“Get off the floor, you ingrate. And go to the dining hall.”

“Yes, sir...”


Giselle runs to the dining hall, refusing to cry. She sits down, and is promptly met by her father.

“Sit up straighter. Women do not slouch, they have proper posture.”

“I can’t sit any straighter, father... I’m sitting as tall as I can.”

“We can fix that.”

“Father? What are you doing? Wait! STOP!!” Giselle is fastened to the back of the chair with thing cord that digs into her skin. She must firmly place her back onto the wooden frame of the chair so that the rope does not hurt her too much.

“There; much better.”

Mr. Tristintine delicately sips his tea as Giselle holds back her wimpers; she says not a word. She knows better than that. She keeps quiet, just as a proper lady should. After what seems like hours, she is ordered to be freed by the household staff. A sore and traumatized Giselle returns to her chambers, where she is readied for bed by her several nurse maids; some time passes before she drifts off into a restless and nightmare filled slumber. The following morning, she is awakened by Rolan.

“Miss, it is time to wake up.”

“Morning Rolan...” Giselle jumps out of bed and hugs Rolan. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry I got you into trouble! I didn’t mean to, honest to gosh! I just wanted to play, and I was lonely, and I had already practised all my dance steps twenty times each! I’m so sorry, Rolan! Please don’t hate me like everyone else! You’re the only real friend I’ve got!”

Rolan is awkward, but pats Giselle on the head as she sobs, her petite frame shuddering at the remembrance of the past days horrors.

“No no, miss. I do not hate you.”

“Really? You don’t?”

“Not at all.”

“Thank you...” Giselle lets go and sits on the edge of her bed, her face of solemn stone.

“How is...mother, today?”

“Well, that is why I’ve come to get you at this hour, miss. She has summoned you.”

“She’s feeling better?”


“Oh, how great!” Without even bothering to put on her petticoat, Giselle runs down the long, empty hallways of the Tristintine Manor, until she reaches the strong oak doors of her mother’s bed room. Humming can be heard from inside, as well as the sound of paper rustling. Giselle timidly pushes her head through the door, in case father is there with Elizabeth, her mother.


“Gigi! My wonderful child, you took your sweet time!” Giselle beams and runs to her mothers bed.

“Hello, mother! How are you feeling?”

“Oh, a world better from last week, my darling. I believe the doctors were wrong again; death has once again missed his schedueled visit and I am still among my people of the living. But enough of these boorish negativities. How are you?” Giselle does not wish to tell her mother how her father has been treating her; she knows that her mother would feel herself the blame, as she was not there to tame her raging beast of a husband. Instead, she changes the subject.

“Mummy, are you reading Alice in Wonderland again?”

“Of course! You know it’s my favourite book.”

“But father says its nonsense...he says that ladies should not fill their heads will silly things.”

“A little nonsense never hurt anything; in fact, I think it makes the world a whole lot nicer to live in. Imagine, having a fish for a servant! Or a talking rabbit. You’d like a talking rabbit that would keep watch of the clock, wouldn’t you, Gigi?”

“I think that’d be wonderful, mother.”

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Games are not for Ladies Empty Re: Games are not for Ladies

Post by Kyle on Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:07 pm

Another good story overall, and the ending is really cute.

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