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Post by Kiki on Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:31 am

It's 4:30 in the morning, I have played...Oh, over three hours of Dragon Age AGAIN...and am not feeling very well. As a result, FICTION. HURRAY.

For those who don't know (A.I. all but Kyle), Casper is another charater of mine. He's rather minor, but has an interesting ability. He has the power to see and communicate with souls. As a result, he can dwelve into the psyche of an individual. He can control them to a minor extent, as in showing someone their soul. It may sound small, but someone witnessing their soul and understanding that such a thing exists is an overwhelming experience, which usually causes them to go into shock or faint. It's a weapon. Most of the time, he uses his power for his profession as a clinical psychologist. Before Shifterlands, he was regarded as the best psychologist of the era, as he understood his patience to the point that he could have known them all of their lives. This is, of course, because he saw their true selves, core and soul, was able to see the true problem, and fix it. Because of his soul manipulation, he was able to do this to his own soul, making him nearly immortal. A body cannot live without the soul, and as a result of their link, was able to prolong his life to a vast degree. He plans to severing the bond when the war is over and he has said his last goodbyes. He knows his time has long sinced past, and wishes to join his ranks among the dead, where he should have gone long ago.

“Dr. Rayon. You know that you sentenced miss Giselle to mandatory therapy…”

“Is that why I’m here, Casper?”


The doctor of mind and soul, and the doctor of impossible machines stepped into the psych ward of the medical ward. Most of the subjects were being treated with depression, bipolar disorder…those who were unfortunate to go up against Shifter Psychics…multiple personality disorder. The two in their lab coats, one clean shaven, young with weary eyes that an unnatural age created. The other with a white tuft of beard and a kind expression, one of understanding and compassion. Casper nodded at several of the patients, as he himself had tended to them personally. Though they were his men and women, Rayon could not say that he had met these individuals. So many under his domain; one man, no matter how intelligent, can remember so many faces and names; those whom he truly knew were high in command, enemies or loved ones. Casper guided Rayon to the back rooms, where the analysis were performed. Alana, or unit 102 as she was usually called, followed robotically behind the two men. In her hands was a tray of several odd medical instruments. None were for slicing as one would expect to be found on such a medical tray, but were scanners and other devices use to examine and repair the mind. The door at the end of the brightly light hallway swished open to reveal a sickly woman strapped to a bed, several monitors placed on her skull. Her graying skin was tense, a sign of her unwillingness to participate in whatever Casper had in mind for her.


“Giselle, how nice to see you today.”

“Spare me the pleasantries, you shrink…”

Rayon looked to his fellow doctor. Casper’s face remained kind despite the response he recieved, as if he understood the spiteful girl on the examination table and knew what she was feeling. Rayon, however, was impatient. Giselle’s attitude had been deteriorating at an alarming rate. She was never pleasant; she was relatively cold, removed and painfully honest. The only two who seemed to enjoy her company was Slayer and Kayla; one at which had formed a sort of brother in arms companionship, the other a sort of sisterly affection. Everyone else, including the SSS, had their problems with Shadow Dancer and her disregard for feelings. Despite this, she was a strong fighter, loyal to the resistance cause and to Rayon. She had been assigned to protect Kayla from harm, and had performed this duty with heartily. This in mind, Rayon did not want to discharge her and was willing to take the time and effort to see the cause of Giselle’s weakening mental state.

“Rayon, perhaps if you let me go to my work for a time being…I may not need your assistance in this matter. She may have some lingering toxins from when she infiltrated the Palace, or perhaps Shadows possession may have resurrected some sort of repressed memory or state of mind. Whatever it is, I shall let you know if I require any help in this matter.” Casper placed his hand on Giselle’s forehead. She squirmed, clearly unhappy at her situation.

“You’re not to look anywhere but where you think is necessary to look. You are to leave my memories alone and you are under NO circumstances permitted to bother Fantom.”

“The Shadow portion of your mind?”


“Is it unfriendly, this personification of your abilities?”

“No, but he has been dormant for years and I doubt he’d like to be woken up by some old fart with some stupid psych degree. Just do your job. Also…” She raised a finger to him, her eyes black and seething. “You are not to tell anyone what you see or what I say. Do you understand me?”

“I do.”

“I find out other’s know about whatever is in my head…I will hunt you down and make you WISH you were dead. Do you hear me? I will HUNT YOU DOWN.”

“Miss Giselle, I am under authority to not utter anything that I see or hear unless you are hostile and possessed. You are one from what I can tell, but not the other.”

“Just get this over with…Rayon.”

Rayon, who had not yet left the room, turned to her. “What?”

“…don’t touch my stuff when I’m out.” With that, Casper shushed, and Giselle’s eyes instantly grew heavy. She was in a deep slumber. No more would he nor Rayon have to look into those intense and hateful pupils; at least, until she was awoken when the procedure was complete. Casper smiled at Rayon and grasped his shoulder.

“Do not worry, friend. I will make this as quick as possible. I will bring back your old comrade in no time.”

“Casper, you are a life saver. Thanks.” Rayon sighed and left, leaving Casper, the healer of souls to his delicate work.


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Post by Kiki on Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:32 am

(Note: Alanna is an android who's memory core was based on a real girl who died in a fire. The core, which was based on the video documentation that the real Alanna made on a frequent basis, was placed into a female android body so that her parents could have their daughter back, as she died in a fire. Also, I put Maggie in here just for kicks. She can see through anything, though, and their inner workings.)

“Sir, perhaps if you were to reroute the plasma spheres to the main reactor instead of through the engine, it would work at a faster pace. It wouldn’t overload then, don’t you think?”

Rayon threw down his tools in frustration.

“How long did you know that would work?!”

Maggie blinked, her sight fixed upon the machine. “A few days, perhaps. Why?”

“Why, for God’s sakes, didn’t you TELL ME?!”

“With all due respect, I tried. Several times. But you said I was wrong, so I held my tongue.” Her left eye, soulless and forever gazing beyond the surface of all things, watched the mechanisms of the canon. She would wince now and then at the obvious malfunctions in its processes. Were it a living thing, the P.H.A.R. would have died several test trials ago. Rayon was furious and uttered no reply to his mechanic; for fear that his aggravation would veil his words with aggression when he knew his frustrations should be vented on himself. He was a stubborn man; he didn’t listen to others, despite their best interests. His family would attest to that, as they have on countless occasions urged him to rest; their advice went unheeded, and he fainted whilst working on one of his many devices. He was placed on mandatory rest for his own good. Toru, along with Kayla, had every right to say the dreaded “I told you so”. Their compassion kept this line within their heads and instead let their tongues spread their worries for their husband and father. Giselle, on the other hand, was not so kind and readily reminded the doctor to listen to his companions. It was what he needed, a wakeup call and scolding, but the timing was atrocious. A wise woman without tact is a brutal thing.

The doctor swore as smoke began to emit from the sides of the P.H.A.R. He dropped his tools and retrieved the extinguisher he had conviently placed beside the work bench. It was the fifth one he had used that week, a pitiful record. It was a very bad case of the Monday’s that seemed to last well beyond the dreaded day. Needless to say, Rayon was not impressed. He sighed at the hissing remains of his prototype rifle before calling out for the computer system, A.D.A.M., to shut down the workshop for the day. He had had enough.

“Yes, Doctor.” The robotic voice echoed from the speakers as the lights began to shut themselves off. The doors opened and he was out without looking back. To be honest, the doctor didn’t really care if the whole room just burst into flame; he was sick of it. All of it. Maggie was still in the hallway when he stormed out. Intelligently, she said nothing and went her way to the garage bay; she had some vehicles she could modify anyways.

He jumped onto the elevator and pounded the key pad. A ding notified him that his selection was registered, and with that, it rose. Rayon took deep breaths, calming himself.

“Hold it together, man. End of the day. Just go up to your room, hit the bed, and go to sleep. No worries. It’s all good.” Casper had urged that he take things one at a time. He was a “big picture” guy, and the image at large was putting too much strain on him. He was told to look at one piece of the picture at a time, so that he would not be overwhelmed. Rayon was also given several medications so that he did not have a nervous breakdown.

His living area was in the V.I.P. section of the living quarters floor. He flashed his pass, scanned his retina and fingerprints, and had his brain waved checked. All clear; he was home free.

Kayla was sitting in the main room, headphones plastered to the sides of her skull; some blarring rock that even the doctor could hear from across the room. In her lap was a book on mechanics, and on the stand beside where she sat, a plate covered with exotic looking sushi dishes. She was her mother’s daughter, alright. Rayon enjoyed his books, machines and music, but he couldn’t stand the taste of sushi. His wife and daughter, on the other hand, were addicted to the Japanese delicacy.

Rayon stood there, wondering how long it would take for his teenager to realize his presence; not long, was his answer. She flung off the head set and rushed over to her father, causing him to gasp on impact as she threw herself on him.

“Daddy! You’re back from work! How are you feeling today? Did you see Uncle Slayer? How’s the P.H.A.R. coming?”

“WOAH, girl. Nice to see you too.” The doctor, for once that day, laughed as his blue skinned daughter nuzzled his shoulder. He gently patted her head, her scaled “hair” smooth to the touch. “What have you been up to while I was off?”

“Oh, you wouldn’t BELIEVE how nuts today was!”

“I bet I could…”

“Alanna came up, and she had been baking again, even though I told her not to until I was able to figure out how to cover her joints because she ALWAYS makes a mess. She had flour all OVER her, and she could barely move. It was in her hydrolic bits! So, I had to take her and fix her up, and it turns out, she was storing cupcakes in her battery compartment! I was so MAD, but then she said they were for the med bay, so I couldn’t be all that mad at her. I fixed her, and we went down to the med dock, and we gave everyone homemade cup cakes; and don’t’ worry, daddy, there wasn’t any oil or nothing on them. I checked. And we saw Casper, but he was busy on Giselle-”

“What did you say?”

“Casper was working with Giselle…Why, is something wrong, dad?”

“No, no it’s fine. He just said he wouldn’t be long working on her.”

Kayla paused; she knew her guardian had been “ill”, and needed some assistance, but she didn’t realize to what extent.

“How long has he been working on her?”

“A few days.”

“Wow! That’s a long time to be comatose…Is she ok?”

“It’s Casper that I’m more worried about… It’s not good to be in someone elses head for too long; it’s hard enough being in your own!”

“Yeah; especially if you’re a crazy scientist who’s a general nut! Like you, dad. Imagine you having to deal with two consciousness’ at the same time? That would be a laugh!”

“Oh, you’re saying I couldn’t be a therapist, huh?”


“Well then, looks like I’ll have to look at your brain the old fashioned way; DECAPITATION…” Kayla screeched as Rayon dove at her. No harm was to come to her, it was a game they had always played. She dashed from the room laughing, her father cackling maniacly behind her. “WE NEED ZE BRAIN…THE SPECIMEN HAS GOTUN AVAY…” He pounced and got her in a choke hold, and despite her protests, brought his knuckles to her scalp and began to rub against it.

“Ve have no tools! Ve must noogie ze brain out instead! Mwahahaha!”

“EEEEEE!!! Mummy, HELP….!”

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