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Post by ifer on Thu Jul 10, 2008 4:58 pm

So, I'm planning to write up my thoughts, ideas, and stuff on various subject matter and posting them on the net in the hopes of creating a virtual marketplace of ideas; a creative forum for exchanging and evolving ideas for use by various people for diverse purposes. I’m posting in a bunch of different places in the hopes of drumming up some interest.

Subjects will range from zombies to magic to parallel universes and beyond.

The idea would be for me to write up a blurb with my ideas, and have them free for use by anyone unless otherwise noted with the condition that the person taking the idea not just copy and paste or reword the original concept; they must make it their own by adding their own ideas, removing and changing bits that they don't agree with, and so on. Their version would then be linked both to and from the original idea. And other people can start topics of their own if they want. The concept of a free exchange of ideas would be unworkable if only one person had a hand in it.

Perhaps there could be a colour code to indicate what ideas the writer would like to have as public domain, and which ones they'd like to keep their rights to.

The purpose of this would be to enable people to flesh out their own ideas, and have their own input. There are so many people out there who have amazing talent, and excellent ideas for a plot, but no characters or world to base the story in. Some can explain in detail the biological workings and habits of creatures of their creation. Others have the most complex world designs; complete with languages and cultures, but nothing to put in it. With luck, these people would be able to find what they're lacking, and create wondrous works of art and fiction that would never come to light otherwise.

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