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Anything written? Empty Anything written?

Post by pomona on Fri Oct 24, 2008 9:36 pm

Theres two writing that I didnt write myself but my frend did.

I actually like them a lot.


Taking a trip down a path that seems to be lost
All the trees look the same with the bark peeled back
Crows parched on branches
With the river near by roaring as the water crash into the rocks below the fall
There seems to be no night or day
Only dusk or is it dawn?
The sky is beneath my feet as the ground is above

I can feel my heart beating
Although when I clutch my chest a hole is found
My ribs cracked and skin torn
How could this happen

In the distant a trail of blood is seen
Leading me to a willow
Where a crow is dinning
With my heart on the menu

Spider webs draping the branches
With the black ground peering through the blanket of snow
The wind passing through the willow
Trying to resuscitate the old soul
Only moans are heard coming from the trunk

Words of love carved into the trunk
A heart to combine two names into one
The professed love carved deep
Keeping the tree still breathing
The roots run deep and spread
Like a infectious plague

The names appear familiar
With the one name like mine
Another that i had forgotten
The first love that cut me deep
My heart still bleeds
He means enough to me
Enough to revive my heart
To keep him still close to me


Pandora's Box

Locked in a carved wooden box
Impenetrable to most but one
Immersed into a sea of emotion
In competition with time
To break free from this watery grave
Cause your ego is to blame
Concealed by your hatred
With ears stitched shut
Left with your slience to destroy
A piece of stone where your heart once dwelled
To weight you down for all your sins

Were too self-involved to see
That you lived an immaculate life
A romance worth existence itself
With her as your bride to be
Relentless joy to come
With your unborn son
To carry on your legacy

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