Crossing Paths- A Letter

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Crossing Paths- A Letter Empty Crossing Paths- A Letter

Post by Kiki on Sun Nov 16, 2008 3:03 am

...Kyle requested I post this. If he feels like writing what happens beforehand, he can, but we're still PLOTING. Enjoy. You won't as much as we did, but it's still cool.

Dear Dr (whatever his first name is) Rayon;

I must formally apologize for my sudden absence, but I am quite a busy creature with alot upon her plate. My appearance may be human sir, but I am quite far from. Nevertheless, it was rude of me to depart so suddenly when you obvsiouly wished for me to join you. It was flattering, and I dashed it aside like a crumb upon my chest. I just hope Kayla stays out of mischief. Within these pages, I have found something of most interest. Along my travels, I have acquired many a strange and powerful artifact. This, sir, has got to be the most powerful of all. Behind this letter, if a page from the Universal Atlas. This book holds a teleportation key that can link to to any dimension in whatever universe on every plane of existence. Do not ask for another page, as most of it has been burned as it is far to dangerous to keep upon this earth. As you would know, forces out there with this knowledge and power would cause great harm to us all. This specific page, however, leads to a familiar place to your wife, Ruto. Yes, I do know about her. Your daughter is quite a chatter box. You should better give her a reminder not to talk so openly to strangers about what goes on behind closed doors. Especially yours. Back to the matter at hand, you and Ruto, along with whomever, now have the ability to travel to Hyrule in all it's domains whenever you see fit. You can easily return to your home dimension and planet as long as you possess the page you hold now. I hope this is an appropriate apology.


P.S. Ruto, your mother says hello. Also, she reminds you to eat raw fish, as the cooked stuff is quite useless, apparently. She says that if you find the mercuary levels too high, then crab will do fine. And I don't know what this means, pray tell, but she says to keep your scales perfectly shiney, to clean counter clockwise. Gets underneath the crevasses...says it stuns the men. I'm guessing of your kind. Don't ask, I simply tell. We must have tea.

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